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If you are ready to be in charge of your future destiny, consider expanding into the internet with an online store where you can reach potentially millions of more customers.


Creating an on-line store for your business will be easier than you think, as you can take all the goods and services to offer from your point of sale system automatically online.

Pos Solutions Australia has been a leading provider of point-of-sale systems for over three decades as we never rest when it comes to answering the call for innovation and development for our clients. Taking your shop online is the next step.  That's why we have decided to bring you a Webtail, a fully integrated synchronised on-line store built that works in your POS software to deliver your shop on-line. Plus we design you a commanding landing page, give you dazzling gallery, a professional blog and an on-line store all mobile-ready.  



We offer your online customers a warm professional shopping experience. It uses your pricing, marketing and service. When you make a sale, your website will automatically generate orders  in your POS software so working in your existing system. There is no need to train your staff to use a new program or need special staff as unlike any other package on the market, it does not have to export and import files to and from your website.  It uses your familiar POS software which you know to manage your on-line shop automatically. What you do in our software is transferred to your on-line shop immediately as is what your clients do on the net.  An online transaction will be handled simply and swiftly just like any other transaction now. Delivery details can be printed for transit of the goods in one easy step.


If you want we can match your existing design to your current shop to on-line store, so they appear the same. You have complete control over the look and feel.


It is extremely easy to use and requires little technical skills plus it comes with free training. 


It is going to deliver the most powerful integrated online package for a point of sale system on the market with frequent updates to make it better. It's all dedicated to helping small and medium-size businesses deliver their very best.  Impress your customers with a professional leading and secure online store


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We here at Pos Solutions are excited again to be part of something brand-new to the industry to keep you ahead of the game.

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